When can I cancel my tour?

All the information regarding canceled reservations can be easily found in the'' cancelation policy field''.

Is it possible to amend my Booking or change the dates?

All bookings could be amended under the suitable circumstances such us the type of tour ,the available time frame before the tour starts,availability of the requested modification, etc.

How can I book a tour?Are there other methods besides the website?

Of course there are other options of making a reservation.Apart from our website you may also make reservations via: a)Telephone communication. b)Email There will always be someone to assist you.

Can I ask for a tour which cannot be found on the website or even create my own tour?

Of course.You can always contact us through emails,phone calls or direct messages so that we can discuss your requests regarding your customized tour making suggestions and trying our best to find suitable ways to fulfill your request.

Can I arrange a hotel pick up at a tour?

A hotel pick up can easily be arranged at every private half -day & full day tour.We only need the exact location of your hotel and your valid contact details so that the driver can reach out to you.

Can I arrange a transfer to/from a place to another ?

Yes we can arrange every type of transfers from one place to another .The only prerequisite is to inform us 24 hours prior to the requested transfer time.We may need extra details such us flight numbers ,port gate ,vessel name,number of total passengers & number of luggage.

Where will be the meeting point of my tour if i am not staying in a hotel?

In this case ,it will be the  point at the closest hotel to your residence and you will be picked up from there.
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