Fine Dining

  •   3-4 hours
  •   Max people: 8
  •   Professional tour guides
  •   Jan 23' - Dec 23'
  •   Meeting point: Athens
  •   Multilingual Guides

Start your food journey walking in the Athens historical center and live the gastronomical experience in one of the most infamous  greek restaurants .Taste premium quality food and be part of the high end Greek flavours .

Departure & Return Location


Departure Time

15 minutes before the appointed time.

Price Includes
  • A degustation menu of 6 or 8 dishes
  • Restaurant's entrance fee

Price Excludes
  • Private tour guide
  • Walking tour
  • Any Private Expenses
  • Any beverages you may order.

Additional Information
  • By reserving a licensed guide,you will be accompanied in every tour & you will also enjoy a walking tour in the center of Athens.However by not choosing a guide means that you will not be accompanied in any of the other tours options offered.
  • If you request a guide for your tour,there is an additional fee of 285€ fixed price for 1-6 pax.
  • The price varies depending on the pax & the 6 or 8 degustation menu dishes you are going to choose.
  • The degustation menus are predetermined and should you need any customization ,it can be implemented with additional fee.

Payment Policy

Non- refundable / Flexible Policy

The guest needs to prepay the total cost of the tour by the time the tour is reserved.

Cancellation Policy

Non- refundable

The prepaid amount is non-refundable in case of any cancellation.

Flexible policy (3 days)

A full refund of your 100% prepayment amount will be given in case of a cancellation up to 3 days before the tour date.



There are two options if you are solo.The first one is that you can arrange a VIP tour which is slightly more expensive and the second option is that you can join a tour group upon request with the normal price.

The most widely accepted currency that is used on this tour is Euro. Should you need to pay with a different currency, there are some cash exchange spots or if you have to prepay making a deposit ,then there is a small additional fee ,due to the currency conversion ,which has to be paid by the sender.

Because of high demand seasons, Athens walking tours are, most of the time, pre-booked in order to ensure that there is availability. Of course, you can contact us directly if you wish to proceed with a last minute booking and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Payment policies:

Non-refundable price: The guest needs to prepay the total cost of the tour by the time the tour is reserved.

Flexible price: The guest needs to pay the total cost of the tour within the 3-day window (72 hours) before the reserved tour’s date.

Cancellation policies:

Flexible rate: You may cancel the walking tour up to 72 hours before the scheduled date without any fees. In case of a last-minute cancellation (inside the 3 day-window), you will be charged the full amount of the tour.

Non refundable: The prepaid amount is non-refundable in case of any cancellation.

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walking tour & licensed tour guide who accompanies you in every tour of the checklist ( 285€ Fixed price for 1-6 pax )
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